Privacy on the web

Achieving seclusion while connected can be tricky, but you could be spied on because you haven’t opted-out.  Now with Facebook, a prominent social media website, collecting more and more of its users data – even after you’ve closed the page, we wanted to make sure that you are aware that you have an option!  The National Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance have created an easy way to remove some tracking cookies from your computer.  Click here in order to use the tool that they’ve created in order to protect your browsing.

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Ticketing System

Hey Everyone – Short update,

NEnerds LLC has launched a new ticketing system at to better assist our new and existing customers!

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We’ve moved!

Hello All,

A quick note – that we’ve moved! We are no longer located in Portsmouth, NH – instead we’ve chosen the more central location of Manchester, NH!

Check out the new 885 Blog to see what we’ve been up to!

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Windows 8 – I miss my start menu!

We got a great question this morning and found a couple of options we’d like to share.

Customer – “I bought a new computer and it has Windows 8 – can you install Windows 7?”
NEnerds Rep – “What do you not like about Windows 8 or miss about Windows 7?”
Customer – “I miss my Start Menu!”
NEnerds Rep – “There are a couple of programs out there which will let you customize your desktop.”

Classic Shell – This program has been around since the release of Vista (things we try to forget!). It is a free program and can be found here:

Start8 – This program will bring back the start menu for $5. You can find it here:

RetroUI Pro – This program will also give you a customizable start menu for $5. Here it is: *This one is NEnerds least favorite option and we sincerely suggest you read the reviews prior to install.

Thanks for the questions!

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Got Health Insurance Questions?

A new NEnerds Project has rolled out this month.

Check out

The content editors at HIF want to help educate the public about their healthcare, health insurance and all of the costs associated with the industry!

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Resume Websites

Hey everyone – you’ve heard us talking about resume websites, we want to remind you…

The economy is picking up a bit. If you’ve applied to a job, odds are the company has researched you as much as you have them – so make sure your online presence and portfolio is loud!

The Boston Globe featured an article which touts the positives of the multimedia resume.

Take a look at our personal resume sites and contact us today!

Resume Websites

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Do Something!

At NEnerds we like Do Something!’s Grandparents Gone Wired Campaign.

Have you helped your family over the holidays with their tech gear by sharing your knowledge and experience? We hope you have. If you have any questions, we have answers. We love helping and sharing what we know. Feel free to give a call or email us with any questions that you have! And sign up for Grandparents Gone Wired to share what you know!

We’ve attached the Do Something! Grandparents Gone Wired Guide:

[gview file=”” save=”1″]

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Your Questions and NEnerds Answers

We are thinking about making a Q&A page – What do you think?  Would you use it?

Question: “I am getting a new computer for Christmas – do I need to buy Anti-Virus and Word?”

Answer: “You don’t need to buy Anti-Virus software – there are many that have free plans which may fit your needs.  Check out our suggestions page here!
As for free Office software you have a couple of options.  The first is OpenOffice ( and the second is LibreOffice (”

Question:  “I want to get a tablet for my 10 year old.  I have two concerns – the first is it will break, because I also have a 2 year old.  The second is about parental controls… are there any?”

Answer: “Your best bet is to look at the Nabi 2 tablet – it is made for kids, with rounded bumper corners and a kid-safe mode that will allow you to hand the internet to your child without fear.  It’s also cheaper than some of the adult tablets.”

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Tech for the Holidays!

Hello Everyone,

We’ve received several calls and emails related to buying tech for the holidays, everything from “I am looking at an iPad, but need Excel – can I do that?” to “I need to learn how to Skype with my family this year.” Even a few “How can I kid proof this?” questions.

Keep us in mind after the holidays too – if you need help with configuration and personalization.

We are glad to answer any and all of your questions – so keep them coming!

We wish that you and your families have happy and safe holidays!

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Computer recycling

Hello All,
Did you know that computers have parts in them which will harm the environment and should not be disposed of in regular trash containers.  Also it could be illegal to throw away some electronics.  Finding a place to responsibly dispose of electronics can be hard.  That’s why we wanted to share a couple of tips with you! 

  • can help you find a recycling center, just type in “Computer Recycling” to the Find Recycling For box and your zip code!
  • Refurbished Computer Initiative can help to refurbish the equipment for future use.
  • You can also call your local Department of Public Works to see if your town participates in a Recycling Day.
  • If your computer is not too old, you can ask your local schools if they could use it!

If you are going to donate or have your computer refurbished, you want to erase all of your personal data to prevent identity theft.  For Windows Data Erasure, our susggested program would be Kill Disk.  For Mac Data Erasure, we suggest you use WipeDrive.

Another word of caution to those who want to reuse their computer case or monitor as a planter or other household decoration – when you are doing research, please know that there are toxic chemicals and other materials inside electronics. While NEnerds supports upcycling, we want you to be safe!

NEnerds offers free computer recycling, including Disk Erasure!

For additional resources see and the EPA’s FAQ page on computer recycling.

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