Computer Repairs

For services listed call (603) 219 6572.

If the service you need is not on the list please contact us!

Our computer diagnostics and repair services are by the hour with a minimum of 1 hour and our current rate is $40 per hour.  Additional hardware or software will be at cost.

Hardware Repairs – including – motherboards, processors, hard drives, RAM, power supplies, optical drives, video and audio cards and dust removal.

Upgrades – We can upgrade any and all of the components that we can repair, turning your machine into a powerhouse of efficiency or a gaming machine that will get you fragging in no time.

Gadget Training– Cellphones and electronic gadgets come with more features than even James Bond could use!  We can help you learn to use them all and make the most of your electronic gadgets.

Tutoring / Training– Looking to learn some new skills that will modernize your resume or connect grandma and grandpa with the rest of the family?  We will be happy to help.

Local Area Networks, Wireless Network– We do wired and wireless network, this includes installations, configuration, security and upgrades.

Software Installations / Removal– Configuring software to work properly on your machine can be hard, let us help you!

Spyware / Virus Removal– Is your system running slow or freezing frequently?  Are you worried that your confidential information is being compromised or that you’ll lose valuable information in the middle of a project?!  We can help!

System Restorations– We can restore your system to the factory default settings and then work with you to get the software you need.

Data Recovery– We understand that the data saved on your computer is often the most valuable part; we have many tricks up our sleeves to recover your lost data. We can’t make any guarantees, but we are more than happy to try!

Data Backups– We offer our backup services 8 Gigs at a time to DVD.


Below is our standard Computer Repair and Service Liability Waiver, please feel free to review it.

NEnerds Computer Repair & Service Liability Waiver