Computer Training

NEnerds can provide you training and assistance with technology that is new to you or your business.  We compiled the training materials, do presentations of our materials and individual training. Our technical training will empower you in the business world.

Our computer training services are by the hour with a minimum of 1 hour and our current rate is $40 per hour.  The initial appointment for gadget training is one hour. 



Gadget Training– Cellphones and electronic gadgets come with more features than even James Bond could use! We can help you learn to use them all and make the most of your electronic gadgets, with all of the plugins, apps, widgets and peripherals.

Tutoring / Training– Looking to learn some new skills that will modernize your resume, make your powerpoint presentations pop or connect with your clients? We will be happy to help.

Content Management Systems– We can help assist you with WordPress. As part of our “Train and Turn it over” program, we will setup your WordPress (or other CMS), train you on it and then give you the reigns! (Don’t panic though, we stay close by!)