NEnerds offers two types of eCommerce site, ZenCart and WooCommerce.



Zen Cart is user-friendly shopping cart software.  This software really puts the merchants and shoppers requirements first.

Features include:

    • unlimited category depth
    • multiple display modes
    • unlimited extra pages
    • multiple shipping options
    • multiple payment options
    • newsletter manager

And other options like discount coupons, gift certificates and quantity discounts.



WooCommerce is user-friendly shopping cart software which utilizes the WordPress core.  This software allows store owners to view analytics, manage inventory and market the brand right from the WordPress dashboard!

Features include:

    • WordPress themes
    • reporting
    • easy customer managemtent
    • simple order management
    • multiple shipping options
    • multiple payment options

And other options like limited deals!


eCommerce setup & layout $600-1000 *Includes security layer
Monthly hosting and maintenance fees are $50